Sexuality is the greatest requirement that allows people to enjoy life. It is also very important in terms of the continuity of generations as well as pleasure and pleasure that individuals receive. Although it is difficult and complicated to consider sexuality as a normal process, research may lead to certain hints.

1- Neglecting pre-breeding
Honorary Chairman of CISED, who underlined that men’s desire to have sexual intercourse without pre-sexualization continues to be a major problem for women and that this is the beginning of the mistakes men have made in bed. Cem Kece, “Women who do not have premaritalization, discharge and orgasm is prolonged and their partners are forced to imitate orgasms to make themselves feel bad about themselves. In time, they start to hate the men who are directly involved. If a man wants to conquer a woman’s heart, she should learn how to incorporate her pre-emotions into action. ”

2- Thinking that only the penis will allow the woman to empty or that it will reach orgasm
CİSED General Psychiatry Specialist Asst. The President Dr. Gabriel Short, “Women’s closure occurs with the closure. The vagina is a body that enjoys man. Contrary to popular belief, the woman is discharged not with vaginal stimuli but rather with clitoral stimuli. Penis-vagina association is important for temporary integration of woman with man, orgasm in terms of spirit and body coexistence. Moreover, contrary to what is believed, women enjoy pleasure in the presence of stimulants coming from outside before or during sexual intercourse. For this reason, during the relationship should not deprive the male partner of these touches, “he said.
3- Dealing with different things when making love
CISED Vice President Psychologist Yasemin Yildiz, who underlines that when the sexual intercourse outside of the bedroom is realized, the men can focus on the newspaper, TV programs, a film or an outside, “For this reason, they can not live a romantic moment. This leads women to feel bad, making them look rude and numb. Whether you want to make love or not, it is not a hot key. For this reason the man should care about the woman and realize what she wants. “

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