One of the advantages of aging people is that they should know better what they love and what they do not like. Now they can recall ten minutes of incompetence in the back seat of a car during high school. In the early 50s, they prefer soft linens, jazz music and pre-love. He is not only old; and at the same time they are much more knowledgeable.
Sex at age 50 is better than sex at age 25. Here are 5 reasons for this:
1- impatient adolescents
The men in their 20s are so horny that they can make the slightest move in a hurry. This situation is likely to create a somewhat ridiculous environment. At the age of 50, it takes a little more time for the men to be driven and the woman is very satisfied with this situation.
2- Business, business, business
Many people 25 years of age are constantly concerned about their careers and jobs. Stress can affect performance in the bedroom, which in turn can lead to frustration and more stress and disruption. Now, the 50 year old people who have settled their careers are well aware that life and love come before their work. They are well aware that there is no need for a business card to prove their value to their partner.
3- Pregnancy precautions
Women over the age of 50 are very difficult to get pregnant. If you look at it, this is why they do not want to get pregnant. Because if they do, they usually have raised their children and have already become grandchildren; so they do not have to go from happiness to crying or alarming due to the pregnancy test. And after a certain age, in the midst of a romantic holiday, there is no such thing as a surprise encounter with regl. And of course they are able to accumulate the money they spend on their feminine needs and prefer to fill the wine cabinets. It’s a win-win situation!
4- Child intervention
Those who have children who are 20 years old know that passion is delayed for at least 18 years. Luckily, if they were sleeping and the kids were asleep, they could lock the door of the bedroom and try to take a quick lap. But when you put it into work it is expected to hear the door click; a little person who needs to drink water or starts puking on his body. At the age of 50, children grew up and left home; so there is no harm in having sex with the door open in the middle of the day!

5- Never be ashamed of your body
Do not rely on pirates, drugs, cosmetics or aesthetic operations to look more attractive; unconscious and inattentive risk to your health. Get rid of all the junk you use and be proud of your body. It is clear that your partner will not reject this award! As a result he is now 50 years old; with all the wrinkles, tattered hair and experienced touches …

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